Building a home can be confusing and leaving one to second guess your choice of building your dream home.  We want to help you with the process by making it both rewarding and enjoyable. 


Perhaps the two most important decisions you will make when starting a custom home project are:  

Who will design my home?  Who will build it?  


Your choices are:

Traditional method entails the client coordinating between the architect/home designer and builder.  Many times, the client works with the architect/home designer to create a floor plan and design to only find out later that they cannot afford it.   The builder is left working with the client and architect to redraw the floor plan and design to something they can afford.  This creates frustration for the client and costs them money along with time. 

Production Builder’s simultaneously builds a community of homes based on a library of floor plans, each with a limited array of personalization options. 

Design/Build means one company is responsible for not only designing your new custom home but also building it from the ground up. This option frequently reduces costs, shortens the overall timeline of your construction project, and makes for a more stress-free, collaborative, and comprehensive home building experience.  This allows the customers to:


  • Build on land the client owns and/or at times the builder owns.
  • Supply a floor plan or commission a set of floor plans to be drawn from scratch.
  • Work with one company who manages both the architectural design and the construction process.
  • To pick from nearly any product in a category — within your budget, of course – rather than selecting from a defined menu of choices.
  • In-house interior designers collaborates with the architects and home builders from the development of the plan to the finished home.  
Combination - At Dynamics, we want the client to feel comfortable with how they build it and whom they hire to build it.  If you have an architect/home designer you want to work with to design your home.  We can attend your meetings with you and guide you as the home is being designed to ensure it will stay within your desired budget.